HBO Corporate Communications
Miami, Florida

“Astrology has been an eye-opening experience for me. Valerie helped me understand the context in which the universe has placed me in. Where I came from, where Im going. But Astrology is not as a map to follow or something to hack life with – I learned that the hard way. Astrology meant a new way to see life. A prism that shed light in different aspects of life. But Astrology also meant knowing me better. It meant understanding who I am and embrace that. Trust me and trust my instincts. It meant looking inside with a different perspective and comprehend the many layers of myself that where beyond my understanding before. So in all, Astrology showed me a new way of learning. A canvas to paint with knowledge and understanding of the universe.”

Luciana Villalba
Telemundo Digital Producer, Food Blogger
Miami, Florida

“I didn’t really care much about astrology or even knew what my moon or rising was before talking to you. I’m so thankful for your gift because you’ve helped me understand myself, my relationships, how I react to certain situations, my aspirations and so much more with your readings. I pretty much discovered a new world just by providing you my birth time and date. If anyone reading this is on the fence about trying one of Val’s readings, I can’t ask you enough to take a leap of faith and let Val guide the way along the cosmos. Val has the ability to explain clearly (for us mere non-astrology mortals) what each planet and house means and how they affect us. The birth chart reading helped me become more confident about myself and learn more about the person that I’m meant to be. Thank you Val for inspiring me to learn every day a little bit more about astrology!”

Clothing Designer, Business Owner
Miami, Florida

“I first want to thank you for this reading, i really do appreciate it. It has helped me clear my mind and has me on the verge of whether or not to continue to take my medication for my anxiety and anger. I feel knowing all this, makes me realize that the medication is no longer needed. I appreciate your work and everything felt right on point. Thank you once again. I appreciate you so much, it truly means a lot.”

Jaqueline Perez
Long Beach, California

“Omg!!!!! I am in awe !!! You are so spot on !!! I’m still listening to it and I have this happy feeling in my soul!! Like my heart is smiling !!!! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world . I am beyond excited to continue working with you !!”

Chicago, Illinois

Let me just say this, every couple of seconds i was laughing because you were so right or I was like the emoji that has its mouth open in awe! I am in shock with this reading because, it was like you read my mind in so many ways, its like you used so many sayings and so many quotes that I use in my everyday life. I mean, there were so many times I said, GIRL YES! You cannot believe it. All in all as i am typing this, I am tearing up because you have no idea how much I needed your words and insight.  You have impacted my life in a way that you will never imagine. We were meant to cross paths and i am so thankful for that. You are truly a blessing.

Olivia Polise
Summit, New Jersey

VALERIE!!!! I just finished the reading, it took me so long to finish because I took a bunch of notes.  I just want to thank you so much for giving me this experience (truly a gift) to delve into my birth chart and learn so much about myself. You were SO spot on with everything. I could right a novel about how right you were for everything.