Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

July 2019

Bad news first? Your ruling planet will station retrograde this month… but this isn’t your first rodeo, Gemini. Remember, your mischievous planetary ruler Mercury stations retrograde at least three to four times a year, so no need to panic. But easier said than done, considering we’re also in the midst of a pretty massive eclipse season. Take a deep breath. You’re worth so much, Gemini. Have you taken a moment to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished, and built with your two hands? After all, you are a child of Mercury, and Mercury rules the hands, you know. But in all seriousness, what is your definition of security? The new moon solar eclipse will activate your second house of finances, values, and self worth, and this will bring new beginnings to that which you possess. Oh, and no more negative self talk! You’re letting go of toxic entanglements, so you might as well start recognizing your value in the process. An interesting sextile with Uranus via your secretive 12th house is here to help liberate you from past burdens, and karmic patterns. Take advantage of this energy, Gemini. The results might very well surprise you. Besides, you’ve got bigger fish to fry, especially with Chiron retrograde in Aries via your 11th house of friendships and extended network. Whether you feel like you’ve outgrown your work friends or that you haven’t been surrounding yourself with the right kind of people, chances are, you’ll be gaining some much-needed clarity during this time. Set yourself free, and start again, Gemini. The second eclipse of the month will take place, in the sign of Capricorn, on July 16. This will activate your eighth house of sex, shared resources, and transformation. Hold on tight, Gemini. Despite your desire to keep things light and noncommittal, this lunar eclipse will be nothing short of cathartic for you. And with taboo-loving Pluto in the mix, you could be caught off guard with a revealing secret…or two. Whether you’ve been taking a relationship to the next level as of late, or perhaps feeling as though your power is being taken away from you somehow, this will likely bring a turn of events. What do you want me to tell you, Gemini? Tis the season. And themes related to your intimate unions, joint investments, and perhaps even the darkest parts of your psyche, were casted leading roles in this eclipse sh*t show. It is what it is… but you’ve got this. BTW, your ruling planet Mercury slides back into Cancer, and your second house of money, on July 19. So make sure to be mindful of your finances and general spending habits. Granted, some of you have been splurging on necessary items this season, and well deserved, but try not to go overboard. The Sun enters Leo, and your local third house of immediate connections, on July 22. It gets better. There will be a new moon igniting this area of your chart on July 31, just moments before you ruling planet Mercury stations direct. Finally.