Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

June 2019

Talk therapy, Scorpio? With the sun hovering over your house of rulership, aka the eighth house of sex, transformation, shared resources, and intimate unions, there’s no doubt you’re in the dungeon of your mind, and well, that’s not always a bad thing. And when I say dungeon, I’m simply referring to your taboo-loving personality, and secretive sexual desires, of course. It is what it is, and you are who you are, Scorpio. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Gemini season awakens your inner detective, and sexaholic. So whether it’s via text, or with someone you’re crushing on, smoldering exchanges are inevitable during this time. All on the down-low, just how you like it, too. And if for you’re not in the mood to send naughty texts, than you’re probably doing some research on the occult, or perhaps awakening your inner shaman. BTW, who have you been sharing your mind and body with as of late, Scorpio? The new moon on June 3 will ignite this area of your chart, and you will likely relive the thought of a life-changing experience, or perhaps a toxic relationship you already evolved from. Leave the past where it belongs, Scorpio. But use these experiences to your benefit. Luckily, an opposition to Jupiter Rx via your second house of values will remind you of your worth, and unique possessions, despite your lusty desires. History is 100 percent capable of repeating itself, so don’t let your thrill-seeking mind take you off your path. Instead, use this time wisely, and set some goals for yourself throughout the month. If you’re both consistent and honest with yourself, these intentions could see fruition during the full moon in Gemini this coming December. The possibilities are endless this Gemini season, Scorpio. Soul mates, too. This area of your chart has everything to do with merging with another mind, body, and soul. So some of you might even run into a star-crossed lover of sorts. Nevertheless, remember to be authentic with your desires, Scorpio. Give someone what you want in return. Towards the middle of the month, your co-ruler Mars will dance with Neptune via your expressive fifth house, and this could be the beginning of something magically creative. Working on a passion project? Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there during this time. On June 17, a full moon in worldly Sagittarius will illuminate your comfort-seeking second house of finances, values and self-esteem. This energy will bring your clarity and closure, in regard to your spending habits, sense of security, and self worth. Think back to the new moon in Sagittarius in December 2018: Are you aware of all that you have to offer? What makes you feel worthy? You’re a magical unicorn, and you look amazing in leather. Start taking yourself seriously.