Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

June 2019

It takes two to make a thing go right, Sagittarius. With the sun beaming through your seventh house of relationships, and interpersonal connections, you’re likely crushing on your SO all over again, as if you were still in the honeymoon phase. And with red-hot Mars igniting your eighth house of sex all throughout the month, there’s no doubt you’ll be craving some steamy one-on-one time. What do you love most about your partner? And if you’re single, what is your ideal partner like? This area of your chart has everything to do with your sense of compromise, and general reliability. And the new moon in Gemini on June 3 could be the perfect opportunity for you to make things official with someone, or perhaps sign an agreement of sorts. You’re a killer negotiator, Sagittarius. Compromising… not so much. But the gift of gab is one of your greatest superpowers, and it’s time you use it to get the results you seek. This lunation is giving you an opportunity to see eye-to-eye with a partner, whether it be platonically, romantically, or professionally speaking. And a trine between Venus and Pluto can serve as a portal leading towards financial breakthroughs, or perhaps a well-paying job that brings you joy, and pleasure. Don’t be naive, Sagittarius. Choose your business partners wisely, and listen to your intuition in the process. Remember how I said Mars was bringing the fire to your eighth house of sex? Well, for some of you this could very well be related to a financial union, or shared contract. Either way, the intentions you set now, if you’re consistent and honest with yourself, can see fruition during the full moon in Gemini this December. Don’t be a procrastinator, Sagittarius. Your larger-than-life ruling planet is retrograde, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make some killer moves. If anything, Jupiter retrograde is asking you to look inward, and really acknowledge the experiences you’ve had thus far. Speaking of Jupiter, your optimistic ruling planet will come face-to-face with dreamy Neptune via your domestic fourth house of home, and this could bring some petty drama to the forefront. So whether it’s because you need to set some firm boundaries with your loved ones, or perhaps check yourself and start spending more time with them, you’ll likely get the clarity you’ve been looking for. On June 17, a full moon will illuminate the night sky, and this one’s got your name on it, Sag. Full moons bring a sense of completion, so think back to the new moon in Sagittarius in December 2018: Have you been living your truth? Are you seeking a different kind of experience? One thing’s for sure: the spotlight will be on you, and you will likely be in your feels. So make sure to keep a clear head, especially when having heart-to-heart conversations. This is a big lunation for you, as it is something you’ve likely been building up to for the past six months. It’s your chance to break free, and honor your truth. But make sure you’re being realistic with yourself, as hazy Neptune will be making cameo, and this elusive planet tends to cloud our reality. Keep your eyes peeled, Sag.

  1. isina

    I loved it! Thanks so much for all the passion you put into this valerie!

    • valrawkz

      Ahhh thank you, Isina! You’re so welcome! Miss you! xx