Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

June 2019

Take a nap, Pisces. OK, I’m kidding. This is not what June will be about for you, but don’t pretend like you don’t love napping. Besides, with the sun energizing and revitalizing your domestic fourth house of home, family and soul foundation, you’ve got one thing on your mind, and one thing only: your delicious slumber. And while pressing the snooze button tends to get annoying after a while, there are other ways you can soak in the magic of Gemini season, without falling into your bowl of cereal. Spending time with your loved ones would be a start, especially if they’re down to take off on a cozy getaway. But beyond that, Mercury-ruled Gemini tends to be a relentless thinker, and like a true mutable sign, you can’t help but be the same way. What’s your self dialogue been like as of late, Pisces? With the new moon shaking up this area of your chart, your intuition is likely as loud as ever, and you’re finally understanding its universal tongues. Themes related to your ancestry, family members, and sense of security will be top of mind during this time. And a trine between Venus and Pluto will activate your communication sector, influencing your sense of belonging in the process. What’s stopping you from being true to your instincts, values, and genetic programming? What part of you are you willing to share with the rest of society? Last question, I promise: When was the last time you looked in the mirror and remembered your worth? #JustSaying You only live once, you know. And something tells me that mutable mind of yours works a lot faster than you can handle. Do you have a journal? If so, this would be a good time to start writing in it. Otherwise, stop lying to yourself and go chase your dreams. Besides, with red-hot Mars igniting your expressive fifth house of creativity, romance, and sparkling authenticity, chances are, you’ll have no problem hogging the spotlight. In fact, if the astrological houses were movies, this area of your chart would probably be the Great Gatsby. Flapper dresses, drama, loud music, and lots of champagne. Have fun but don’t go overboard, Pisces. Gemini season isn’t necessarily your party season, but there will be others, I promise. Looking for the job of your dreams? On June 17, a full moon will illuminate your ambitious tenth house of career, legacy, and reputation in the world. Jupiter, your esoteric ruler, has been hovering over this area of your chart since November, blessing you with professional expansion and career opportunities. And this lunation will adorn the velvet night in his name. So think back to the new moon in Sagittarius in December 2018: How have you grown professionally? Are you still afraid of the spotlight? Or are you just reluctant to taking charge? BTW, this area of your chart also rules authority figures, so if you’ve been seeking closure from Mom, or Dad, or both, you might get the answers you’ve been seeking during this lunation. P.S. Your ruling planet Neptune stations retrograde at the summer solstice, aka the first day of Cancer season. Neptune is a magical planet but it can also be a bit too dreamy, if you know what I mean. So Neptune retrograde might actually bring you the clarity you need, especially in regard to mixed messages, and your intuition. Turns out that little voice was right after all, Pisces.

  1. Wow, you us PisceS so well! xxo