Libra Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

June 2019

So many opportunities, and so little time, Libra! The sun is beaming through your wanderlust-ing ninth house of education, higher learning, philosophy, and travel, and you’re likely feeling as restless as ever. Granted, your restlessness stems from your insatiable desires, and thrill-seeking thoughts, but it will get better. Besides, it’s not your fault you need to know everything that’s going on at all times, Libra. It’s just part of your nature, thanks to that mercurial ninth house of yours, of course. And let’s face it, you’re interested in all sorts of things this month, so it’s important to find an outlet for all of that pent up energy. Planning your next vacation? The new moon in Gemini on June 3 will activate this area of your chart for the rest of the month, gifting you with a plethora of possibilities that could see fruition during the full moon in Gemini within the next six months. Let your spirit take the lead, Libra. What kind of experiences are you craving as of late? Thinking of going back to school? A trine between powerful Pluto and luscious Venus will activate your domestic fourth house of home, and eighth house of surrender. And while some of you might very well inherit a financial heirloom of sorts, others could suddenly recognize the strength that lives within their ancestry line. One thing’s for sure: this is a spiritually rich time for you. So it’s important to keep an open mind, and acquire as much knowledge as possible. Your dazzling ruling planet Venus slides into this area of your chart shortly after, bringing charming opportunities to expand your horizons. Looking for love, Libra? *I mean, when are you not?* But this transit could surprise you with a spontaneous rendezvous of sorts, especially when traveling! Fact is, all things exotic, and related to the unknown, will tickle your fancy during this time. Take it easy though, as an opposition between Mars and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction via your domestic fourth house of home and family, could bring some friction to the home front. This is especially true if you’ve been lacking a work vs. home life balance, so make sure to stay grounded, Libra. On June 17, a full moon in worldly Sagittarius will illuminate your chatty third house of communication, and local environment. This energy will bring clarity and closure to your general thought process, immediate exchanges, and for some, your presence on social media! Think back to the new moon in Sagittarius in December 2018: Does your immediate environment support your beliefs? How have you expanded your skills? Your big debut starts on June 21 at the summer solstice, when the sun enters sensitive Cancer, and your ambitious tenth house of career. Red-hot Mars is here, too, so don’t be afraid to make your professional goals a priority, Libra. You’re so money and you don’t even know it.