Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

June 2019

Slow down, Cancer. The sun is beaming through your dreamy 12th house of closure, karma, and all things behind the scenes, and while you’re known for being the moodiest of the zodiac, Gemini season only adds wood to the fire, in the sense that you’ll probably be as cranky as ever during this time. However, instead of dwelling or questioning your emotional state, take some time to get some much-needed shut-eye, in order to fully recharge before your solar return! BTW, this area of your chart can also bring closure, and despite your talent for holding onto grudges until the end of time, perhaps you may want to let go of that which no longer serves you, Cancer. Living with resentment is excruciating, and well, ain’t nobody got time for that. Speaking of which, the new moon in Gemini on June 3 is the perfect opportunity for you to shed, whether it be physically or emotionally speaking. For instance, let’s say you’re holding onto something that happened long ago, and for whatever reason, you can’t let it go. The new moon is the perfect opportunity for you to shed whatever’s been weighing on you. And in true Gemini fashion, writing a letter, or a list of things you no longer want buried in your subconscious will suffice. Interestingly enough, Mercury the messenger slides into your sign the following day, and knowing you, you’ll have lots to say. Besides, with Mercury, Mars, and the North Node in your sign, it’s all eyes on you, and it’s not even your birthday! Although, make sure you’re doing something for yourself in the process, as you tend to be a bit on the giving side. The North Node wants you to put yourself first, and with Mars on your side, you have the energy to get things done, so don’t let this go to waste. What do your passions consist of? How can you make the most of this celestial fuel? A dreamy trine between Mars and Neptune might very well show you the way, as it will activate your expansive ninth house of personal philosophy, and higher learning on June 14. What’s on the horizon, Cancer? It’s never too late to plan ahead, and put your best foot forward, especially with your birthday season around the corner. On June 17, a full moon in worldly Sagittarius will illuminate your sixth house of health, and routine, and this energy will bring clarity and closure to your day-to-day life. Think back to the new moon in Sagittarius in December 2018: Are you reaping the benefits of your work routine? How has your consciousness expanded? For those of you looking for a solid health regimen, this lunation could bring you the answers you’ve been seeking. How do you expect to change your ways, if you keep doing the same thing, Cancer? Your birthday season kicks off at the summer solstice, and let’s just say, you’ll have more than enough energy to celebrate! Happy almost-birthday, sweet Cancer. This is just the beginning.