Aries Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

June 2019

Mingle your little heart out, Aries. The sun is beaming through your chatty third house of communication, and immediate exchanges for most of the month, and this is an excellent time to schmooze it up with your peers, and explore your local community. So grab a coffee, and head to the nearest library, because it’s Gemini season. BTW, if you’re feeling moodier than usual, or generally restless, it could be thanks to your ruling planet Mars, as it is swimming through sensitive Cancer, and your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation. So if for whatever reason you’re having a hard time communicating with your relatives, the new moon in Gemini is the perfect opportunity to speak up, and perhaps even look at things from a different perspective. Brainstorming a new idea? The new moon is here to help you sell yourself, and in turn, obtain the recognition you deserve. Too tired to make plans? Not to worry, Aries. Gemini season is all for taking short trips, and quick breathers. Besides, gold-digging Venus joins the sun in curious Gemini on June 8, so you might very well run into some money, and/or intellectually-stimulating opportunities along the way. New followers on social media? You bet. The goddess of love will caramelize your exchanges during this time, so make sure to use your words. However, be careful with what you say, and who you trust, as there will be a tense square between Jupiter retrograde and dreamy Neptune on June 16. This can easily blur out the details, so make sure you think twice before divulging any information. On June 17, there will be a full moon in adventurous Sagittarius, bringing closure and clarity to your expansive ninth house of education, higher learning, and “the bigger picture.” So much for thinking before you speak, Aries. This lunation is zero f*cks given, and well… let’s just say, you’ll have no problem whatsoever saying what’s on your mind. Think back to the new moon in Sagittarius in November 2018: How have you tapped into your inner wanderer since? Have you gone on any life-changing adventures? Whether you’ve been taking time out of your day to meditate, or perhaps considered the idea of traveling somewhere overseas, this wanderlust-filled lunation could give you the answers you’ve been seeking. Carpe diem. Things start to cool down at the summer solstice when the sun enters domestic Cancer, and your cozy fourth house of Grandma’s homemade soup, and fluffy pillows. This is a good time to kick back, and get some much-needed rest. Besides, with flamboyant Leo season around the corner, you’ll need all the rest you can get!