Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

May 2019

It’s OK to need people, Scorpio. As much as you love claiming the lone wolf title, you can’t escape your unconscious desire for soul connections, whether it be romantically or platonically. Needless to say, with the sun beaming through your seventh house of relationships and committed partnerships, you’re more focused on your one-on-one connections, and likely feeling more diplomatic than usual this month. Ready to make things official? The new moon in Taurus on May 4 will activate this area of your chart and bring new beginnings to your relationship sector. Not gonna lie, you’re making connections, Scorpio. With the moon activating your partnership sector – along with its ruler Venus getting organized via your sixth house of health and daily routine – one thing’s for sure: you’re looking for the real deal. Then again, you’re always looking for those all-or-nothing vibes. Although, this lunation can certainly provide you with the comfort, and solidity, you’ve been craving within your one-on-ones. A positive trine to your planetary ruler Pluto, Saturn, and the South Node via your third house of communication, thought process and immediate network, can help you integrate your new style of communicating, and desire for learning, with your new moon connection. Stay patient. This lunation could be the beginning of a new relationship or business collaboration. Make sure to set your intentions now, as they will likely see fruition during the full moon in November 2019. There’s more. Mercury the messenger joins the sun on May 6, before sultry Venus makes her dazzling debut in this area of your chart on the 15th. Looking for the one, Scorpio? These celestial entities will make sure you’re as charming as ever. Next up, your ancient ruler Mars stampedes into sensitive Cancer, and your expansive ninth house of travel, education, and personal philosophy. Thoughts of going where no one’s gone before, Scorpio? Hot-headed Mars is awakening your inner explorer, and double-daring you to venture into unknown territory. Oh, admit it… you live for this kinda thing! Last but not least, there will be a powerful full moon in your sign on May 18, and rest assured, you will be feeling the effects. Hint: Think back to the new moon in Scorpio in November 2018. What’s evolved in regard to your identity, thought process, and general communication style since? All I’m going to tell you is, there will be plenty of secrets coming to the light during this time, so sit back and enjoy the show. Speaking of secrets, the sun and Mercury slide into Gemini, and your sexy eighth house of transformation and intimate unions, on May 21. Not to worry, Scorpio. This is your house of rulership, and well, let’s just say, the taboo-like conversations will be flowing. You’ll be in full detective mode, and you could get some answers in the process.