Leo Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

May 2019

Reach for the stars, Leo. The sun is beaming through your ambitious tenth house of career, public persona, and reputation in the world, and you’re likely focusing more on your professional life, and finally taking charge in the workplace. *Please note: This area of your chart also rules authority figures, and parents, so keep that in mind.* Anyhoo, with electric Uranus revolutionizing this area of your chart, there’s something brewing in regard to your career, and general ambitions, and you’re most probably already feeling it as we speak. Consistency is key, Leo. The new moon is activating this area of your chart, and its planetary ruler Venus is dazzling your expansive ninth house of faith, and personal philosophy. Not a big fan of the unknown? Perhaps your career of choice requires a degree of sorts. Nevertheless, the new moon is here to help you create a much-needed routine for your professional goals, which just so happen to be larger than life itself. You can have whatever you set your mind to, Leo. Plus, a harmonious trine to Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node, via your sixth house of responsibility, will likely provide you with the necessary persistence to follow through with your intentions. I’m not going to lie, your routine is under a massive restructure as we speak, and this plethora of energies will leave no room for negative behavior patterns. With that being said, reflect on the following: What needs to change in terms of your health habits, and daily environment? Remember, you have the same hours in a day as Beyonce, Leo. That same day, rambunctious Mars slides into sensitive Cancer, and your secretive 12th house of dreams and all things behind the scenes. Aside from the moody restlessness and slight chance of insomnia, the red-hot planet is here to help you channel your energy into something personal, and private. Take a deep breath, Leo. Activities such as meditation and yoga would be beneficial for you during this time. The full moon in Scorpio on May 18 will ignite your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation. Hint: Think back to the new moon in Scorpio in November 2018. What’s evolved in regard to your family members, living space, and sense of security since? This could feel like a massive purge, but necessary nonetheless. On May 21, the sun enters Gemini, and your humanitarian-like 11th house of friendship groups, tribes, and extended network. Ready to get out there and mingle? This is an excellent time to network, and build connections with like-minded groups, and individuals.