Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

May 2019

Take a load off, Gemini. With your mischievous ruling planet Mercury conjugating through your humanitarian-like 11th house of teams, tribes, and friendship groups this past month, you were likely making an impression on your colleagues, and extended network. However, once the curious messenger planet slides into slow-moving Taurus, and your secretive 12th house of dreams, and all things behind-the-scenes, you’ll be more than ready to lay low, and recharge your batteries. Luckily for you, red-hot Mars will be in your sign, so you’ll have enough energy to get things done. However, with the new moon in Taurus illuminating this area of your chart, you’ll be craving some much-needed alone time in the process. Looking for some peace of mind? Who doesn’t love a little closure? With Venus, the new moon’s planetary ruler, dazzling your eleventh house of social groups – you could kick off a secretive romance, or relationship, of sorts during this time. Although, with Mars in your sign opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius, and your partnership sector, you’re also taking your past relationship-experiences into consideration. In other words, you know a toxic situation when you see one, so pay attention, Gemini. Besides, a sweet trine to Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node, will make it easier for you to re-examine your intimate unions, power thrills, and deepest desires. Shortly after, Venus joins the sun and Mercury in Taurus, via your karmic 12th house, and this could spark some interesting conversations. Oh, Gemini… Lord knows how much you love the juicy gossip, and this area of your chart is extra secretive, too! That same day, warrior-like Mars slides into sensitive Cancer, and your second house of values, income, and self-esteem. Are you trying to make more money? Aggressive Mars can provide you with enough energy to make that happen. Although, make sure you don’t make any impulsive purchases during this time, as Mars is also notorious for his fiery desires, aka zero patience. In the meantime, feel free to revel in that which brings you comfort and pleasure, because carpe diem. The full moon in Scorpio on May 18 will shake up your health-conscious sixth house of health, and day-to-day routine. Hint: Think back to the new moon in Scorpio in November 2018. What’s evolved in regard to your work schedule, health habits, and daily duties since? In more important news, the sun enters your sign on May 21, and you’re ready to celebrate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEMINI!!! Consider this an excuse to treat yourself, every single day for the next for weeks.