Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

April 2019

Take it down a notch, Taurus. With red-hot Mars working in your favor all throughout March, along with Uranus’ electric shift, and seven-year venture through your sign, it’s safe to say you’re probably feeling a bit exhausted during this time. However, not to worry; your dreams, goals, and revolutionary inspirations aren’t going anywhere. On the contrary, March was just the beginning, and you will get another prelude of what’s to come, once the sun enters your sign later this month. That’s right, Taurus. Your solar return is just around the corner, but with the sun in Aries energizing your hazy 12th house of dreams, closure, spirituality, and behind-the-scenes work, your best bet is to take it easy for now. Granted, I know how much you love relaxing and living the good life, but with Uranus’ energy in the mix, you might be feeling restless, when all you need is a quaint spa day. Nevertheless, feel free recharge, reflect, and embrace your sweet solitude during this time. Trust me, you’re going to need all the energy you can get! Speaking of which, there will be a new moon in Aries on April 5, illuminating this area of your chart, and in turn reminding you to put your guard down, and trust the process. Some of you might obtain a sense of closure, or perhaps experience a surge of intuitive downloads. However, given that this lunation will be energetically tinted by Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node, themes related to stepping outside your comfort zone, as well as breaking through previously-set mentalities will be very prominent during this time.  FYI: The intentions you set now, could potentially come to fruition during the full moon in Aries in October 2019… but it all starts with consistency. Nothing good comes easy, and what seems impossible now might very well give you more reason to prove yourself wrong in the long run. Although, one thing at a time, as Jupiter will begin its retrograde cycle through your secretive eighth house of intimacy and transformation on April 10. As you know, Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, and abundance, so this retrograde cycle will simply elongate the process of self discovery. Meanwhile, make sure you take advantage of this four-month-long retrograde to reflect on your soulmate connections, emotional bonds, and financial debt. Are you giving as much as you’re getting? Do your sexual partners have your best interest at heart? What have you been putting energy into since November? With Jupiter Rx via this area of your chart, now is the time to work on your finances, and reflect on where you’ve been investing your time, energy, and spirit. Yeah, sex is cool, but is your partner recharging your energy, or simply sucking the life out of you? Speaking of money, Mars is shaking up your second house of possessions, and self worth, so feel free to jot down a list of your values, and personal attributes in the meantime. The red planet is naturally resourceful when in the sign of the twins, so creating a budget plan for yourself is highly suggested. The full moon in Libra on April 19, will illuminate your sixth house of health, and daily routine. BTW, this is the second full moon activating your day-to-day sector, as the first took place last month on the spring equinox. On that note, are you being mindful of your well being? Whether you’ve been hitting the gym, counting calories, or perhaps re-adorning your venusian lifestyle, this lunation serve as a finale of sorts. Moreover, the sun shifts into your sign on April 20, greeting you with a delicious lift me up, and just in time for your birthday! Although, this doesn’t compare to the surge of inspo you’ll get once the sun meets up with Uranus in your sign shortly after. Nevertheless, your perspective on life is in the midst of permanent restructure, so don’t go rogue just yet, Taurus. Your philosophy is being tested, so stick to your guns, as per usual.