Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

April 2019

Put in the work, Scorpio! With the sun beaming over your sixth house of health and daily responsibilities all throughout Aries season, you’re a lot more focused on your routine, and physical well being than usual. Side note: March was a total blur, but I’ll have you know, the worst is officially over. Although, given Mercury’s close proximity to Neptune during the first week or so of April, we probably won’t see the fog vanish as soon as we’d like. Good news, though: Aside from the fact that the sun is currently igniting your responsibility sector with a dose of cardinal fire, the new moon will also be activating this area of your chart on April 5. New lifestyle change, new you? Let’s face it: It’s not that you’re incapable of revamping your habits with a ruthless health kick, or a detoxing juice cleanse… it’s more about what you consider “healthy,” to begin with. Being mindful of your well being is essential to your success, Scorpio. Sometimes, it’s not about the way you think you should look, but about what you’re feeding your mind, body, and soul in the process. On that note, what makes you feel good about yourself? This new moon will bring new beginnings to your day-to-day, but with Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node, lingering over your third house of communication, there could be something that needs to be released, related to your communication style and current mindset. For instance, despite your secretive and overly-guarded nature, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help, or being honest about the amount of work you have on your plate. The truth shall set you free, Scorpio. Moreover, there will be three planets stationing retrograde this month; one of them being lucky Jupiter through your second house of values, finances, and self-worth. With that said, what’s changed in regard to your spending habits and general self esteem since last November? Have you been overspending, or making impulsive decisions with your finances? Jupiter retrograde is here to remind you of your hard work, and in turn, bring you closer to your higher self. For the record, this transit could spark a new beginning, related to the natural gifts you possess, along with the money you earn. However, try not to make any impulsive purchases, or financial commitments, within the next four months. On April 19, there will be a full moon in Libra, shaking up your 12th house of closure, dreams, and all things behind the scenes. This is the second full moon activating this area of your chart, which means you could experience a surrendering of sorts in the process. Speaking of lifestyle change, some of you could decide to quit drinking, smoking, and perhaps let go of a bad habit that’s been weighing you down. The rest of you, however, could finally come to terms with a harsh reality, that’s been lingering over you like a dark cloud for quite some time. Acceptance is important, and so is forgiveness. Don’t be a prisoner, Scorpio. Instead, ask the universe to set you free from these emotional burdens holding you back from obtaining the happiness you deserve. The sun enters Taurus, and your seventh house of partnerships the following day, energizing and revitalizing you one-on-one connects. As a fellow Scorpio rising, I have to admit, I hate asking for help, and I love keeping to myself… but in the end, it doesn’t matter how independent you are, or how much you love being the “lone wolf.” We all need someone. People are necessary, and shutting them out is never a good idea. The sun meets up with rebellious Uranus shortly after, sparking an unexpected attraction, or perhaps a shakeup in your current relationship. Nothing is coincidence, Scorpio. If anything, this might serve as a prelude of what’s to come. Happy hunting.