Libra Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

April 2019

It takes two to tango, Libra! With the sun beaming over your seventh house of relationships, and committed partnerships, all throughout Aries season, you are as comfortable as ever, given that this is your sign’s natural element, and house of rulership. Meaning, you’re probably making charming connections, and are likely partaking in diplomatic conversation. Thus, balance and compromise are key themes for you during this time, and since the energy of Aries is naturally assertive and impulsive, some of you might actually kick off an exciting new commitment during this time. Which reminds me, there will be a new moon in Aries on April 5, illuminating this area of your chart, and while new moons typically bring new beginnings, it is not suggested that you make any important decisions during this time, and I’ll tell you why. First thing’s first: The intentions you set now, could potentially come to fruition during the full moon in Aries in October 2019. However, this doesn’t mean you have to dive head first right away, as this lunation will be somewhat over-shadowed by both Saturn and Pluto. Now, aside from the fact that they’re both stationing retrograde this month, this intimidating combo, along with the South Node, will be making a cameo during the new moon. For instance, do your committed partnerships align with your emotional foundation? Is your significant other and/or business partner supportive of your family and/or sense of security? Oh, Libra. You’re not the same person you once were, and you’re still shedding layers… and while this sounds like a total burden, it’s actually a beautiful thing. Truth is, your current partnerships, and relationship dynamics, are a reflection of your confidence, or lack thereof. So, don’t be afraid to push through the barriers holding you back from taking a stand, Libra. After all, what’s fair is fair, right? Moreover, lucky Jupiter will retrograde through your third house of communication, siblings, and immediate environment for the next four months, and in turn could bring you closer to your neighbors and relatives. Who knows, some of you might revisit a project via social media, or begin to allocate your ideas in writing. More importantly, the full moon in your sign on April 19, marks the second lunation in your sign, as the first took place last March during the spring solstice. All I’m going to tell you is, this ain’t no regular full moon, and you will likely come face-to-face with a culmination of sorts, that could’ve possibly started back on March 20. Nevertheless, make sure you do what feels right at the EOD. After all, the full moon will light up the night sky for you this month, and for the second time in a row, so make a wish. Next, the sun enters Taurus, and your eighth house of sex, transformation, and shared resources the following day, energizing and revitalizing your intimacy sector. What’s theirs is yours in this area of your chart, so remember, sharing is caring. Although, with the sun meeting up with electric Uranus shortly after, you could come across an unexpected opportunity to invest in something with your significant other, or perhaps experience a sudden shake up in your intimate partnerships. For the record, you never know what you’re going to get with Uranus, so don’t bother trying to plan ahead. Besides, the universe has your back no matter what, Libra. So, make sure you enjoy the moment.