Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Art by Astroccult

April 2019

It’s all up to you, Cancer! With the sun beaming over your ambitious tenth house of career, reputation, and destiny in the world, the majority of you have been fully dedicated to your professional goals, and long-term endeavors in the past few weeks. Granted, March was a ride on the hot mess express, but for those of you feeling like you’re still lost in the Pisces waves, I have some good news: The fog is starting clear. Speaking of which, the new moon in assertive Aries on April 5, will illuminate your career sector, which could in turn reward you with an exciting work venture. As you know, new moons bring new beginnings, but with Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node hovering over your relationship sector, restructuring your sense of autonomy and individual truth, part of your new beginning will consist of you owning up to your life mission and leadership skills, despite your fear of not pleasing others. Let’s face it, Cancer: This is an ongoing issue for you, but how much is too much? It’s time you take a stand, and put yourself first. Period. FYI: The intentions you set now, could potentially come to fruition during the full moon in Aries in October 2019. However, don’t get too carried away with what might seem like the job of your dreams just yet. I hate to say this, but not everyone has your best interest at heart, my sweet Cancer… but you’ll know exactly what to do when the time is right. On a brighter note, expansive Jupiter will begin its retrograde cycle through your health-conscious sixth house of day-to-day routine, and physical well being. This is a good time to become well acquainted with your physical and mental health, and perhaps tweak a few things in your current routine. Jupiter is here to help you make space in your everyday life, in order to work at your fullest potential. Your well being is priority, and you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce, so no excuses! Some of you might even partner with a colleague, and take your expertise to the next level. With Mercury the messenger sliding into your career sector on April 17, conversations in the workplace will finally start to make sense. Although, there are a number of things you need to review before you take that leap of faith. The full moon in Libra on April 19, will illuminate your fourth house of home, family, and soul foundation. Remember, you’re a moon child, so full moon’s naturally affect you more than most. Also, this is the second full moon igniting your cozy humble abode, as the first took place last month on the spring equinox. With that said, what’s changed in regard to your living space, and sense of security since? This lunation will serve as a culmination of sorts, and since the moon is a symbol of our mother, a prominent female figure will be top of mind during this time. Moreover, the sun enters Taurus, and your 11th house of friendship groups and extended community the following day, bringing out your inner humanitarian, while connecting you with like-minded groups of individuals. It doesn’t hurt to network, you know. Besides, the sun will meet-up with electric Uranus shortly after, sparking a new virtual collaboration, or an exciting new friendship. It doesn’t end there. On April 20, Venus slides into Aries, and your tenth house of career and reputation in the world. One thing’s for sure: You will be as charming as ever in the public eye, and your superiors will likely recognize of your consistent efforts. Well deserved, Cancer. Last but not least, Saturn and Pluto will begin their shadowy retrograde through your partnership zone, as there are a few more things you need to redefine in your relationships. Truth is, the way you relate to others has been going through a massive restructure for quite some time now. Anyway, feel free to take a step back and observe the dynamic of both your personal, and professional relationships first hand. You might be the only thing standing in your way.