Women have been accused of practicing witchcraft for centuries. But what exactly is “witchcraft?” The word “witch” is derived from the word “Wicca” which means “wise one.” During the Middle Ages, the “witch” was accused of murdering, poisoning and sex crimes, when in reality, she was simply helping and healing. The church viewed the midwives’ healing remedies as evil sorcery and black magic. In their eyes, a woman’s power derived from their sexuality and devil worship. For the record, being a witch doesn’t require you being evil. The “witches” were the midwives cultivating herbs to relieve the pain of childbirth & reduce inflammation. They were the mothers, counselors and unlicensed doctors who believed in the phases of the moon and the power of nature’s elements. The church called them “witches” but they were the “wise women” who discovered magick with the most powerful force on earth: the feminine intuition.