Happy Taurus Season ♉

Yes, my super-cosmic monthly horoscopes are finally back; my sincerest apologies for the delay. I needed to tweak a couple of things with the newsletter, as well as on my website. Nevertheless, we are back to business as usual. Thank you for your patience! xx

Here’s a quick cosmic recap before we move onto May ♡

The year kicked off with a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo on January 31st, asking us to embrace our inner child by tapping into the things that bring us joy. This energy was all about self expression, creativity and being true to our heart’s desires. Sound familiar? It’s no coincidence so many of us ventured out into new creative projects and grew the courage to put ourselves out there in the world. (This was all thanks to the lunar nodes; the North Node is where we’re going and the South Node is what we’re letting go of.) We released ourselves from mental sabotage and society conditioning (South Node in Aquarius) and learned to live from the heart while being true to our authentic self (North Node in Leo).

Last December, after a long journey in Sagittarius, Saturn, the Lord of Karma and planet of wisdom, entered structured Capricorn. Since then, our ambitions, career goals and over all objectives have become top of mind. This energy sparked a sense of urgency to review and rebuild the foundation of our everyday lives. In Astrology, Saturn is associated with restriction and limitation. Also referred to as the task master planet, Saturn forces us to confront reality while learning the value of patience and sacrifice. That said, on April 17, Saturn stationed retrograde until September 6. This retrograde period is going to be one to remember, and I’m not exaggerating. The energy of Saturn Rx in Capricorn will be loud and clear; you reap what you sow. In the meantime, if something collapses, let it collapse. Have no fear and do not resist; this is your metamorphosis. Acknowledge the darkness as your are in the midst of transformation.

May 2018:

This will be a powerful month as it is the beginning of a new era. On May 15, for the first time in 84 years, Uranus, the planet of revolution, technology and unexpected surprises, enters Taurus until 2025. FYI: Uranus was last in Taurus from 1935-1942; this is a big deal. During his time in warrior-like Aries, Uranus sparked issues (such as the #MeToo movement) related to revolutionary personal experiences and individuality. Aries is notorious for his competitiveness, and social media is a perfect example of this. This was the era of countless selfies and virtual fearlessness; the whole world competing for followers and blue checkmarks. Don’t deny it.

So what’s next? In Astrology, Taurus represents all things related to beauty, comfort and the pleasures of life. This could potentially spark a revolution with cosmetic surgeries, fashion, relationships and the Internet. (Who knows, we might even start paying for Instagram memberships pretty soon.) All in all, we will start to see shifts related to the theme of Taurus: food, finances, materialism and physicality, to name a few. On the 13th, Mercury, the planet of communication and thought process, enters the sign of the bull, and on the 15th, there will be a new moon in the same sign before Uranus makes his grand entrance in Taurus.

At this point, there will be a lot of earth signs working diligently in the sky, so the energy might feel a little stagnant. However, lucky for us, Mars, planet of drive and red-hot passion, enters Aquarius on the 16th. This will lighten up the energy while encouraging open mindedness and humanitarian efforts. Last but not least, there will be a full moon in worldly Sagittarius right after the sun enters Gemini on the 20th. This lunation is a culmination of the new moon in Sagittarius that took place last December, highlighting our inner voice vs. external pressures; the bigger picture vs. the fussy details.

Important Dates:
May 13: Mercury enters Taurus at 8:40 AM EST ☿ ♉
May 15: New Moon in 24° Taurus at 7:48 AM EST ☽ ♉
May 15: Uranus enters Taurus at 11:60 AM EST ♅ ♉
May 16: Mars enters Aquarius at 12:55 AM EST ♂ ♒
May 19: Venus enters Cancer at 9:10 AM EST ♀ ♋
May 20: Sun enters Gemini at 10:15 PM EST ☉ ♊
May 25: Jupiter trine Neptune at 5:52 AM EST ♃ ♏ △ ♆ ♓
May 29: Full Moon in 8° Sagittarius at 10:19 AM EST ☽ ♐
May 29: Mercury enters Gemini at 7:49 PM EST ☿ ♊

Aries, you’re so money and you don’t even know it. With the sun illuminating your area of values, income and self worth, now is the time to reflect on the relationship you have with your resources. Are they serving your needs? Are you being realistic with your money? Having a boujee lifestyle doesn’t necessarily make you a better person; stay grounded. There will be a new beginning in your money zone just before electric Uranus joins in on the fun. In other words, don’t be surprised if you get unexpected news regarding your finances mid month. Cha-ching! The following day, Mars moves into your area of friendships and networking, pushing you to collaborate and meet your goals. Gorgeous Venus will also change signs, reminding you that home is really where the heart is. You’re not down for “friends with benefits”; you’re actually craving stability. The full moon on the 29th lights up your area of travel, faith and overall philosophy. You might feel the need to break free or travel somewhere far away.

Happy Solar Return, Taurus! This is a cosmic revolution, and I’m not just talking about your birthday! 😉 On the 15th, rebellious Uranus enters your sign for the first time in 84 years. Uranus is the planet of revolution and change; yes, this will be major. FYI: I know you’re not into anything sporadic and/or unexpected; however, you need to trust the universe as this is all for your highest good. This eight-year transit will be electric and radically awakening, to say the least. There will also be a new moon in your sign that same day; this is your time to break free, Taurus. Bring on the new beginnings! Romantic Venus charms up your networking zone on the 19th; this energy is flirtatious and playful. The full moon on the 29th lights up your sexy eighth house of intimacy and other people’s money; this, in turn, could potentially bring some unfinished business and/or buried emotions to the surface. Good news: Your sex appeal will be through the roof!

Are you ready to channel your inner Stevie, Gemini? On May 15th, Electric Uranus lights up your 12th house of dreams and intuition. Although, you probably started feeling the mystical bubbles brewing ever since the sun entered Taurus last month; long story short, you’re feeling witchier than ever. There’s a new moon that same day, bringing new beginnings to your spiritual perspective and overall awareness. If you’re feeling more tired than usual, don’t over think it; compliments of the 12th house! Gorgeous Venus leaves your sign on the 15th and charms up your area of income and values. This is a good time to review all things related to your finances; which speaking of, how are you making that shmoney? Is your work life making you happy? The full moon on the 29th lights up your area of partnerships. Compromise and negotiate! This energy is all about finding a balance between you and your partner’s needs.

Time to come out of your shell! On May 15th, Radical Uranus enters your networking zone of friendships, philanthropy and humanitarian efforts. Ruler of technology and electric revolutions, Uranus’ energy will inspire you to break free from social norms, and teach you new ways of utilizing your unique gifts to make a difference in the world. FYI: Uranus has been cruising through your career sector since 2011, reinventing your professional vision and outlook. This energy could’ve been a bit challenging in terms of finding the right career path; however, those days are finally over. Time to get out there and show the world what you’re made of, Cancer! It doesn’t end there. Romantic Venus twirls into your sign on the 19th, showering you with flirtatious charms and contagious wit. Yes, you’re a crab, but you love to be adored; don’t deny it. The full moon on the 29th lights up your area of health and day-to-day routine. Time to get your sh%t together!

Are you ready for your close-up, Leo darling? Electric Uranus lights up your area of career and destiny in the world on the 15th; it’s time for a career makeover! This energy highlights your professional pursuits and overall potential. Are you ready to move on from your current position? Are you having trouble identifying your goals? Have no fear; Uranus is here and yes, it’s time for a change. Despite your electric stamina in the career sector, charming Venus enters your 12th house of dreams and behind the scene’s work on the 19th. This could spark a secret love affair and/or fantasy. However, don’t let your fantasies and emotions get the best of you, Leo. Go-getter Mars also enters your seventh house of partnerships this month, bringing a little heat and tension to your relationships. This energy is both aggressive and passionate; don’t forget to breathe it out. The full moon on the 29th lights up your fifth house of romance, creativity, and passion. The fifth house is your home, Leo. You were born ready.

Pack your bags, Virgo! Just kidding…well, not really. Radical Uranus enters your ninth house of travel, expansion and higher learning on the 15th; it’s time to study abroad, visit a Buddhist temple and channel your inner explorer! You might even start a business as the ninth house also rules entrepreneurship. The following day, impulsive Mars brings energy to your area of health and day-to-day routines. This could definitely spark the need for more exercise; however, don’t get too carried away, Virgo. We both know you can be a little hard on yourself sometimes. Gorgeous Venus charms up your networking zone on the 19th; this could definitely awaken your inner humanitarian while sparking some interesting connections and possible collabs. Don’t over think it; just do it! The full moon on the 29th illuminates your inner temple and fourth house of home. Time for a much-needed break, Virgo. You and I both know you work too damn hard.

Good news, Libra babe! After seven years of relationship chaos, electric Uranus finally leaves your partnership zone. We all know you love to keep the peace; however, the cosmic rebel planet spent the last couple of years ruffling your feathers and testing your relationships. I know this couldn’t have been easy for you. On the 15th, Uranus enters your eighth house of sex and intimacy. This area of your chart is associated with merging, transformation and other people’s money. Not to worry, Libra; this is a brand new era. Your ruling planet Venus enters your area of career and destiny in the world on the 19th; it’s time to show the world what you’re made of, babe. Dazzle them! The full moon on the 29th lights up your local third house of communication and social networks. This lunation is a culmination of the new moon in Sagittarius that took place last December, highlighting our inner voice vs. external pressures. Time to network, Libra! If you’ve been working on a project the last couple of months, you might actually start to see the fruits of your labor. Bravo!

Your relationships are electric these days, dear Scorpio; you might already be feeling the prelude of Uranus’ cosmic rebellion. After eight years revolutionizing your sixth house of health and day-to-day routine, the rebel planet shifts into your seventh house of partnerships. This could spark your motivation to partner up and collaborate with new prospects. With freedom-loving Uranus here, you might consider taking bold moves and the less conventional routes. Don’t freak out, Scorpio; trust the process. Gorgeous Venus swims into your ninth house of travel, higher learning and expansion on the 19th. This is a great time for sporadic trips and mystical endeavors. The full moon on the 29th could bring unexpected news regarding your finances as it lights up your second house of income and values. Are you ready for that promotion, Scorpio?

So, this might come as a bit of a shock to you, but you need to get your sh%t together. Just kidding! Well, almost. Radical Uranus shifts into Taurus on the 15th, activating your sixth house of health and routine. Time for a set schedule, my friend. Although, this is good news, as this energy could be really productive and creative for you. Romantic Venus twirls her way into your sexy eighth house of intimacy on the 19th; don’t be surprised if you’re feeling more emotional than usual. Things might start to heat up in the love department, too! This could be interesting considering the sun will also shift into Gemini on the 20th, activating your partnership and relationship zone. Something’s brewing for you, Sag! The full moon in your sign on the 29th is a culmination of the new moon on December 3, 2017. Have you been cutting those carbs? Are you in the process of a personality-make over? This lunation activates your first house of self, and for the record, something is definitely different about you.

Is that you, Capricorn? I barely recognize you these days! Maybe it’s because Saturn, Pluto, Mars…well you get the picture. Holy Bejesus! What a year, and we’re not even half way through. Good news, though: Electric Uranus shifts into Taurus on the 15th, activating your fifth house of romance, creativity and pleasure. So, I know you’re not the unconventional type, but hear me out. Uranus is the planet of revolution and unexpected change, and with the cosmic rebel in your fun zone, the next couple of years might be the best of your life. We both know you’re ready to show the world what you’re made of. Romantic Venus enters your seventh house of partnerships on the 19th; this could potentially bring you luck, both professionally and romantically. Single goats might make things official! The full moon on the 29th illuminates your 12th house of dreams and behind the scene’s work. Have you taken some time for yourself to recharge your batteries? Listen to your body, Capricorn. It knows what it needs.

Earth to Aquarius…come in? There’s so much happening for you behind the scenes, can you feel it? That’s not all; your ruling planet shifts into Taurus on the 15th, activating your inner temple and fourth house of home. This energy could potentially revolutionize the relationships you have with your family members, not to mention the repressed stagnant energies that have been kept in the shadows. On the 19th, gorgeous Venus twirls her way into your sixth house of health and day-to-day routine. This could definitely heat things up at the workplace and/or the gym 😉 Are you being good to your body? By all means…treat yo’self! It doesn’t end there. Go-getter Mars leaves your 12th house of day dreams and escapism on the 16th. Time to come out and play! Just wait…Mars will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. The full moon on the 29th illuminates your friendship and networking zone; you could suddenly get the validation you’ve been seeking and find yourself in the crowd.

There’s something different about you these days, Pisces! Although, that’s surely not the only thing that’s about to change. Rebellious Uranus enters Taurus on the 15th, activating your communication zone. This energy is about to revolutionize all things related to your local community and social network. Schmooze or lose, Pisces. It’s important that you take this time to invest in your social circle and self expression. Good news: This process could be really creative, too! Speaking of, romantic Venus enters Cancer on the 19th, activating your fifth house of romance and creativity. The heat is on, Pisces; you are glowing! The full moon on the 29th activates your tenth house of career and destiny in the world. You of all people know that you get what you give, my dear Pisces. If you’ve been on the hunt for a career change, this full moon in Sagittarius could be exactly what you’re looking for!