🌙 G O D D E S S 🕊 A R T E M I S 🏹
I am forever blessed to have been raised by a family made of strong witchy women who taught me the power of faith and prayer; where cups of water, sacred rituals and altars for a god/goddess were second nature. Today, the more I work and grow into my craft, the more these deities appear in my life. The goddess #Artemis is a perfect example of this, and in honor of her messages and blessing, I invoke her cardinal energy with selenite (moon stone), carnelian, (creativity) palo santo and a spring blooms. Artemis is a maiden goddess of spring and new beginnings; she represents self expression and creativity. Her energy manifests through art, action and self discovery. It’s no surprise she came to me during the Spring Equinox and Aries season. So mote it be.