♂M A R S I N C A P R I C O R N 🖤 BE YOUR OWN BOSS ♑ Mars, planet of red-hot passion and God of war, enters ambitious Capricorn, until May 16. In Astrology, Mars is the energy that makes you feel alive; it sparks drive, desire and sexual expression. Mars is the traditional ruler of Aries, Scorpio, and exalts in #Capricorn; exalts meaning it represents the highest expression of a planet’s energy. Capricorn is the CEO of the zodiac – when does this earth sign not mean business? Disciplined and methodical, this astrological transit is one of the strongest in the cosmos. With #MarsinCapricorn, and Capricorn’s ruler #Saturn in its home sign, it’s time to hustle. Period. Here, the warrior planet’s hot-headed nature is expressed via Capricorn’s structure, discipline and vintage swagger. Actions (and overall behavior) are direct, focused and power hungry. With Mars in the sign of the goat, future consequences are considered before taking action. This transit inspires leadership and determination. If used wisely, it can also come with long term success.