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neptune  🔱 retrograde

neptune is mysterious and elusive. it is the sea mother of mysticism, spirituality and esotericism. ruler of pisces, neptune represents film, dance, photography, addiction, water, our subconscious and our relationship with divinity. this friday, ethereal neptune turned retrograde. when a planet goes retrograde, its energies turn inward.  with #neptuneretrograde, we are reevaluating our relationship with faith; for instance, our spirituality and fantasy.  given neptune’s idealistic nature, neptune retro will force us to really reevaluate beliefs and inspiration. if you’re sweeping something under the rug, neptune retrograde will bring it to the surface. if you have addictions, this transit will point them out to you. where is neptune in your natal chart? this is where you will dive deep. cheers to four months of spiritual reflection and artistic inspiration. Art by: Emily Balivet